Volunteer at the Park


“For years I’ve run Hugh Taylor Birch State Park’s 2-mile loop. I’ve appreciated its existence and my ability to feel like I am in a forest next to an ocean. The Park is a unique, special place that until recently I’ve known only on the surface without the depth and length I now know it to contain. Sine volunteering in September, I’ve experienced and enjoyed sharing the Park’s tropical resources with visitors from Ireland, Germany, Argentina, Ecuador, Canada, Sweden, and the United States via a tram) new volunteers are assigned this responsibility). I’ve watched a gopher turtle boxing match within a sensitive habitat area- at last count 18 turtles are in the Park. Survived, and for the most part conquered, dirty, sticky, prickly exotic plant removal responsibilities, and I won! Worked with knowledgeable Park Rangers and met other really terrific volunteers and local daily visitors. I’ve experienced grand gratitude, laughed so hard I cried, and discovered Florida’s beach peanut, a native delicate flowering plant listed as endangered. Visitors take pictures of the Park’s 100-year-old Banyan tree, and I help in the process and have had also my picture taken. So somewhere I am in a couple photo albums for sure, or maybe a Facebook page or framed picture, on the other side of the world.”

– Joanne Schrager,
Hugh Taylor Birch State Park



  • Be at least 16 years old (students may receive community service hours if they commit to the park)
  • Speak to the Park Service Specialist for a Volunteer Orientation
  • Have a Great Attitude and Be Willing to Help!

Please see below information on the various volunteer categories and jobs currently available. There is something for everyone!

To sign up:

  • Download the Volunteer Application CLICK HERE and the Volunteer Agreement CLICK HERE or you can pick up both documents at the Ranger Station in the park. If you are under 18 years old, please contact Jenni Leve (see contact info below)
  • Fill out the application and take it back to the Ranger station at the park or to a Volunteer Orientation. You can also mail it to Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, 3109 E. Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304.

Be sure to refer to the Volunteer Handbook: READ VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK

For information you can call 954-294-2665 and/or 954-468-2791. Groups are welcome!



Group Volunteer Orientations meet at the park shop. Inquire at Ranger Station for locations and times


Attending a Group Volunteer Orientation is not a prerequisite to beginning as a volunteer at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. Individuals are also invited to request Individual Volunteer Orientation that fits to your schedule. You may request to schedule an Individual Orientation by contacting 954-294-2665 or 954-468-2791

Attending either a Group or Individual Orientation is mandatory as part of a series of training requirements to take as a member of our volunteer team.



Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is in need of volunteers! The Park offers a wonderful opportunity to:

  • Meet new people and use your talents and experience
  • Be in a natural environment
  • Work with visitors from all over the world
  • Assist in maintaining our award-winning Park

Our volunteers are incorporated into the team of the Florida Park Service at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park and essentially become contributing Park Rangers. Given suitable training, and applying each individual’s skills appropriately, volunteers can:

  • Drive tramDSC00344(2)
  • Greet visitors
  • Teach or participate in educational programs
  • Help with Plant and Animal Care
  • Perform maintenance of facilities, equipment and vehicles
  • Perform administrative tasks.

The park provides orientation, training and workers compensation coverage as well as volunteer recognition awards.

Driving the trams around the Main Park Road is one of our newest and most exciting job opportunities for Park Volunteers. It is the perfect way to begin volunteering at the park, orient in the park and offer an invaluable amenity to the public. Tram Drivers take visitors to the beach, concessions, pavilions, and Terramar Visitor Center. A standard background check, valid driver’s license and training are required for this position. Tram Driver Policy 

The Park has Hosts and Greeters who welcome visitors and provide staff relief at the Ranger Station and/or Beach Gate entrances. Volunteers also present educational programs to the public, including school groups, on the plants and animals in the Park, intertwining a very rich history dating from prehistoric times to the present.

Maintenance volunteers are essential members of the park’s volunteer staff who aid in making certain that all maintenance needs are met on a daily basis. They may work on the park’s facilities, vehicles, trams, machinery or equipment, and more. The park is always in need of skilled construction and maintenance volunteers.

Volunteers assist in the care of the animals in the Park. There are plans for an expansion of this program, so there is a need for experienced and/or enthusiastic individuals to assist with this growing department. We also need arborists and assistants to oversee tree and plant health, trimming and removal and help with trail maintenance. Volunteers can also help keep the environment safe and beautiful by helping remove invasive and exotic plants, help with the maintenance of sensitive habitats and remove litter throughout the park.

Volunteers can assist in the Administration Office by answering phones, doing computer work, and performing other tasks to assist the Office personnel.

Volunteers of all stripes will find themselves being ambassadors for Hugh Taylor Birch State Park and the Florida Park Service. They offer crucial information about the park’s operations, natural communities, and plant and animal species. They are professional, friendly, enthusiastic and love being part of something truly meaningful.



  • Volunteer Coordination Assistant(s) General clean up volunteer
  • Volunteer Coordination Assistant – Call Personnel / Information Check
  • Volunteer Coordination Assistant – Tram Driver Supervisor / Scheduling
  • Volunteer Coordination Assistant – Interpretive Materials Production
  • Volunteer Coordination Assistant – Volunteer Database Supervisor / Newsletter
  • Tram Drivers General
  • Tram Drivers Events
  • Events set up and breakdown
  • Exotic Plant Removal Assistant
  • Educational Assistants – for school programs (specific)
  • Interpretive Guide – for scheduled guided walks
  • Full Moon Mangrove Tour Guide – for full moon tours
  • Full Moon Mangrove Tour Guide Assistant
  • Weekend volunteers in the Terramar Visitors center
  • Naturalists for multiple surveys, assessments and evaluations (Plants).
    Internship possibilities (but not required)
  • Naturalists for multiple surveys, assessments and evaluations (Animals)
  • Internship possibilities (but not required)
  • Captive-bred Live Animal Program assistants (care and feeding, maintenance)
    Internship possibilities (but not required)
  • Ranger Station Operator
  • Beach Gate Entrance Greeter
  • Youth Camp Director Assistant
  • Primitive Camp Director Assistant
  • Xeriscaping Assistant
  • Butterfly Garden Care Supervisor
  • Butterfly Garden Assistant
  • Sensitive Habitat Care Supervisorconstruction volunteer
  • Sensitive Habitat Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant(s).
  • Maintenance Assistant
  • Heavy Machinery Operator
  • Carpenter
  • Carpentry Assistant
  • Experienced Construction Managers
  • Arborist – Overall tree health and trimming
  • Trail Maintenance
  • Interpretive Sign Assistance


If you are interested in volunteering, please drop by the Ranger Station to pick up a volunteer application or download application CLICK HERE


For more info call 954-294-2665, 954-468-2791 or email jenni.leve@dep.state.fl.us