Accessible Amenities

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Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is committed to providing and expanding a variety of accessible amenities to all of its visitors. Those amenities include:

  • A beach wheel chair is available at our Beach Concession.
  • Large Print versions of our Park Brochure are available upon request.
  • A quarter mile trail, called the “Rail Trail” is accessible all.
  • All large pavilions are accessible.
  • Beach Concession Restroom.
  • Our Youth Camp Facility, with full Lodge and cabin 6 is accessible.
  • Accessible picnic tables are located through out the park.


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The park is adjacent to Fort Lauderdale Beach, one of the most popular beaches in the state. Beach access is open 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., daily. During the summer months, south Florida beaches host one of the largest loggerhead sea turtle nesting grounds in the world. Nests will be marked, so please mind the designated areas as well as other sensitive habitats which contain some designated species including sea oats and beach peanut. Please mind the lifeguard flags when swimming, indicating water and surf conditions or rip currents. During the summer, if you are visiting our beaches in the evening, please use red L.E.D. lighting only as white light startles nesting female sea turtles and potentially disorients hatchling sea turtles.


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The park drive is 1.9 miles and is very popular with bicyclers and in-line skaters alike. The drive is one-way and bicyclers and skaters are required to observe this restriction. The park’s trails are not officially designated as biking trails. However, some trails do accommodate bikes. Please ask for information and directions at the park.

Helmets are highly recommended for all cyclists and Florida law requires helmets for cyclists age 16 and under.

Bikes can be rented through the park’s concessionaire.

Canoeing, Kayaking and Paddleboards

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Rentals may be obtained from the park’s concessionaire located at the Beach Gate/Concession access in the park, and adjacent to A1A. Rentals are available on the largest of the park’s coastal dune lakes and in some cases at the beach.


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Fishing is a popular activity at the park and is allowed in any public access area and only from the Intracoastal Waterway seawall. No fishing is permitted in waters, such as the mangroves or the coastal dune lake, within the interior of the park.

  • Please adhere to the ‘No Fishing’ signs.
  • Fishing within the park must conform to regulations concerning size, number, method of capture and season.
  • fishing license may be required.  More information is available at the Florida Wildlife Commission’s Fishing in Florida.

Hiking Nature Trail

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The Coastal Hammock Trail provides hikers a 20-minute leisurely walk through a native maritime tropical hardwood hammock ecosystem, some of the last designated within Broward County. Interpretive signs along the trail provide information about the habitat and native flora. The Mid Trail gives a different view of the park by including many plants brought here by Mr. Birch.


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Several shaded picnic areas with playground equipment, pavilions and barbecue grills are conveniently located close to parking throughout the park. Pavilions 1 & 2 are located under a shaded canopy and a reasonable walk to the Beach Gate Entrance. Pavilion 3 is located with a lovely view of the Intracoastal Waterway. Each of the three picnic pavilions is equipped with electricity and water and can accommodate approximately 75 people. The pavilions may be rented for $84.80 per day, tax included.


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Swimming is available on the beach adjacent to the park. Guests can access the beach through the Beach Gate Entrance.

The Grove is located at the Beach Gate and guests can rent beach chairs, umbrellas, kayaks and other services.

No swimming is permitted within any interior park waters such as the Mangroves or Coastal Dune Lake.


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Presentation and Tour Information

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is proud to offer the following Interpretive Ranger-guided walks and programs each Friday and Saturday of the month. Please see the walks and programs explanations and their regularly-scheduled rotations. Park entry fees apply $2 per pedestrian; $4 single person in a vehicle; $6 two or more persons in a vehicle. Guided walks are Free. Donations are appreciated and will be given directly to the Friends of Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, a 501c3 Citizen’s Support Organization:

Every Friday & Saturday
Live Animal Presentation | 1:00pm

A Live Animal Presentation will be held in front of the Terramar Visitors Center – Park Rangers will offer a Live Animal Presentation with our park’s very own resident critters, including the highly Threatened Eastern Indigo Snake, a variation of Florida Rat Snakes as well as variations between Florida-native Corn Snakes. Occasionally the presentation will include native turtle species as well. Rangers will explain the intrinsic value of these wonderful creatures, describe their preferred habits, behaviors, habitats, and allow for direct interaction with guests.
First Friday of each month:
Mangrove Habitat Walk | 10:30am

This 1.5 mile walk will commence at the Ranger Station (front entrance) of the park and guide guests past the famous Gopher Tortoise habitat, through Pavilion 1 & 2 area and into the park’s extensive mangrove habitat. Guests will receive a historical overview of Hugh Taylor Birch State Park and an introduction to Mangrove habitats as well as the primary species of plants and animals that populate the area. The walk will conclude along the Intracoastal waterway and wrap back around toward the park’s main entrance. The walk will take approximately 1.5 hours. Please wear comfortable walking shoes for the outdoors. Please bring water and any other protective gear dependent upon the season.
Second Friday of each month:
Mid-Trail Walk | 10:30am

This 2 mile walk will commence at the Ranger Station (front entrance) of the park and guide guests past the famous Gopher Tortoise habitat. The trail walk will commence approximately half a mile up the main loop drive along what used to be called the “Exotic Trail.” Here, Mr. Birch had planted an assortment of exotic plants including Mango, Citrus, Almond and more. The Mid Trail now features an assortment of Native and non-Native plants. Guests will receive a broad historical overview of the park and hear about the importance of balanced ecosystems in South Florida. A large bee hive is featured along this trail for everyone’s education. Please be advised, the walk will eventually emerge at the north end of the park where guests can take a leisurely walk back to the south end.

Third Friday of each month:
Coastal Dune/Residual Slough and Historical Homes Lake Walk | 10:30am

This 1 mile walk will commence at the Ranger Station (front entrance) of the park and guide guests past the famous Gopher Tortoise habitat. The walk will take guests past one of the park’s unique fresh-water ecosystems, the Coastal Dune Lake, and give guests explanations about the formation and evolution of Barrier Island systems. The walk will also incorporate a broad historical overview of the Terramar Estate (Mr. Birch’s home, exterior only) and the Caretaker’s Home, which were commissioned by Mr. Birch in 1940. The walk will continue outside of the Beach Gate entrance and touch on the Endangered Beach habitat that outlines the park’s eastern boundary, and on protected plant and animal species such as sea oats and sea turtles.
Fourth Friday of each month:
Beach Hammock Trail & Sensitive Habitats Walk | 10:30am

This 1 mile walk will commence at the Ranger Station and take guests into one of the last residual Tropical Hardwood Hammock (Maritime Forest) habitats in Broward County. Rangers will explain the unique features that constitute our sub-tropical wooded areas as well as our small, residual Coastal Dune Lake systems. Guests will be given an introduction to the primary plant and animal species that populate these areas. A general overview of the original inhabitants to this part of Florida will be offered as well as historical relations between the first settlers. In addition, guests will be shown the highly endangered Beach Jacquemontia sensitive habitat area and be given an explanation of preservation efforts that are underway.
Fifth Friday of each month (for those months with a fifth Friday):
Beach/Dune Habitat and Coastal Walk  | 10:30am

This near-1 mile walk will commence at the Beach Entrance to the park. Guests will proceed around the beach entrance sensitive habitat areas, which demonstrates the residual dune plants still residing on the property opposite A1A. Guests will then pass through the underpass tunnel or across the cross walk (once finalized) to the beach. Here guests will learn about the unique features, flora and fauna, that constitute the primary dune on the beach. The tour will leisurely browse the coastline, discussing tidal influences on barrier islands, coastlines and explore the vast variety of species populating the areas between the land and the sea.
Mid Trail Audio Tour – Available at all times.
This 2 mile walk can be taken through your own cell phone without a Ranger guiding you! The trail walk will commence approximately half a mile up the main loop drive. The Mid Trail Audio Tour covers a broad overview of the history of Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, offers an introduction to its ecosystems and also points out particulars along the path. A large bee hive is featured along this trail for everyone’s education. Please be advised. The walk will eventually emerge at the north end of the park where guests can either take the Intracoastal waterway back toward the front of the park, or take the main loop drive’s east side road back to the front of the park. The Audio Tour is free, but donations are welcome. Please inquire at the Ranger Station about this easy-to-use program.

Visitor Center

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Ranger-guided tours in the vicinity of the building, and near its adjacent Sensitive Habitats, are available by pre-arrangement. Please inquire at the Ranger Station.

The Terramar Visitor Center is Hugh Taylor Birch’s home. Built in 1940, it is a mix of Mediterranean and Art Deco styles. It contains displays of the history of the area and an environmental display of this unique ecosystem. The Visitor Center is open 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. Admission is free with paid park entrance.


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Join the Rangers of Hugh Taylor Birch State Park to take a guided walk every Friday and Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

You will hear the stories of the past and get the feel of what Mr. Hugh Taylor Birch would have seen when landing on the shores of Ft. Lauderdale. You will also learn about the flora and fauna of the five natural communities that make up Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. Free Guided Walk with your entrance fee. All participants will meet at the entrance station.

  • Week 1: Coral Reef and Dunes
  • Week 2: Maritime Hammock
  • Coastal Dune Lake and Terramar
  • Tropical Hardwood Hammock
  • Mangrove Forest

Wildlife Viewing

Picture of a turtle

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park offers premier birding for novice and experts alike. The park is known for many sightings of Caribbean species as well as migratory species, with over 250 species on the park’s bird list.

The park is listed on the Great Florida Birding Trail Guide. Other wildlife, such as the threatened Gopher Tortoise and the common Raccoon may be encountered. Please do not touch or feed our wildlife as this is detrimental to the animal.

Guests may inquire to see our park’s live animal exhibits by pre-arrangement. Our native live exhibits include a threatened Eastern Indigo, Corn Snakes, Rat Snakes and Diamondback Terrapin Turtles.

Join us for a Live Animal Presentation. You will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with several Florida native reptile species through education.