Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Below are some of the funding opportunities available at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park BUT there are many others available. Please contact Gale Butler at 954-566-0660 if you would like more information on Funding Opportunities at the Park.

Adult Exercise Circuit  $100,000

Throughout the park, 20 exercise stations would be placed at intervals on the side of the trails and loop road in existing cleared areas of the foliage.

(Photos are examples of exercise stations not yet in Birch Park)

Exercise Equipment Hugh Taylor Birch State Park Examples

Open Air Aviary – $50,000

On the north side of Terramar, Birch’s home, is space for an open air aviary. The dimensions would be 15 feet wide by 20 feet long and approximately ten feet high. This would house rescue animals who live in the park such as the Screech Owl and the Gopher Tortoise. We would be saving their lives, while at the same time park goers will be able to enjoy seeing them co-habit as they do in the wild. Proper habitats would be built for them with educational signage informing viewers about each animal.

(Photo of an example of an open air aviary not yet in Birch Park)

Open Air Aviary Hugh Taylor Birch State Park Example

Water Taxi Stop/Visitor and Volunteer Shelter –  $50,000

Since we are now an official Water Taxi stop (#10), we have park staff and volunteers meeting the Water Taxi on weekends to take visitors to concessions or the beach or for a tour around the park.  Once we have more staff and volunteers, we will be meeting the Water Taxi every day of the week instead of just weekends. To shield the staff and volunteers as well as passengers waiting for the Water Taxi from the weather, a small shelter would be built next to the landing area on the Intracoastal Waterway.

(Photo of current view of Water Taxi stop in Birch Park)

Visitor Volunteer Shelter Hugh Taylor Birch State Park