Our Accomplishments

Some of the Friends Accomplishments

Golf Carts

Volunteer Tram Drive

In 2014 and 2015, Friends donated 5 golf carts to the park to be used for tram service for park visitors as well as park tours. The tram service is run by volunteers and has been very successful! Friends also funds all of the golf cart parts and supplies needed to keep the carts in good working condition.

Volunteer Support

Construction Volunteer at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Volunteers are the Park’s most valuable natural resource! Friends funds tools and supplies used by the park’s volunteers in their day-to-day activities at the park. Please visit The Volunteer Page for information about volunteering at the park.

New Brushcutter at the Park!


In 2015, Friends donated a brand new brushcutter to the park to help keep the 2-mile loop and trails clear of brushes for all to enjoy.


Terramar House Lives!

Painting Terramar clean-up3

In 2015, Friends completed the first step in the renovation of Terramar-Hugh Taylor Birch’s home.  The house was cleared out of old exhibits, carpet and furniture and painted and repaired to be inhabited by the Friends staff on the first floor and Park staff on the second floor.  Eventually, the ground floor of Terramar will re-open as a Visitor’s Center and exhibit space.


Park’s Animals


Friends funds the purchase of food, supplies and veterinary services for the park’s animals.  Meet Picasso, the newest member of the Birch State Park family!  Check out all the Park’s animals at one of the Live Animal Presentation at 1 pm every Friday and Saturday at the Beach Gate Entrance.


Resident Volunteers

Volunteer Donations

In 2015, Friends donated a washer, dryer and freezer for the Park’s resident volunteers who donate hundreds of hours to the park each month.


Water Taxi Stop inside the park – Launched April 2014


STOP #10 right in the park!


LIFE Program – Learning in Florida’s Environment


LIFE is a statewide program of the Department of Environmental Protection that brings middle school students to public conservation lands for science-based environmental education.  Since 2014, New River Middle School has taken part in the program with support provided by Friends.


Living Well Program


Our monthly Wellness Program consists of short seminars that enlighten and educate on the benefits of natural resources for our well-being.  Please inquire for dates and times or visit the Living Well Program Page