Major Projects

Long Lake - Mile-Long Coastal Dune Lake Cleanup

In the past, this lake was used by families and couples gliding about in paddle boats, canoes, and little electric boats. Today, while they still use the lake, it is clogged with exotic, non-indigenous plant growth about half-way up so that boaters are not able to enjoy the full length and beauty of the lake. What’s more, Camp Live Oak and our public middle school L.I.F.E. program that include in their curriculums marine projects and boating skills, are not able to use the lake as they once did.
An ADA lift on the dock would allow anyone with physical challenges to enjoy boating as well.

(Current view of Long Lake with view of Long Lake in the past below)

Long Lake Clean Up at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park
Long Lake Clean Up at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park Historical Picture

Playground Renovations

There are two children’s playgrounds, neither of which are ADA accessible nor have they been renovated in decades. New types of playgrounds, called “limitless” playgrounds, enable youngsters with challenges to play alongside their friends. They also allow parents who have physical challenges to attend to their children in the playground as well. Beyond the ADA considerations, are safety issues with old and outdated equipment.

Children's Playground Updates at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Terramar Education Center

The Terramar Education Center would house a live baby sea turtle tank exhibit, show educational videos on a big screen television and have seating for 15 visitors and/or students.
A release of the young sea turtles, crocodile and alligator would happen every few years once they are of proper size to survive in the wild.

(Photo below is an example of the kinds of educational exhibits we plan on building)

Education Exhibit Example for Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Seawall Restoration

The restoration of the 1-mile seawall is currently in the Design and permitting phase. This will help activate the longest seawall in southeast Florida, providing the infrastructure for other amenities, including the Public Boat Dock and the Seawall Trail.

Sea Wall Restoration at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park
Sea Wall Restoration at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

230 Foot Floating Public Boat Dock

The Design phase of the Public Boat Dock is nearing completion. This 230’ Floating Boat Dock will provide public access to the Park, through the Intracoastal, that was previously unavailable.

Floating Boat Dock Rendering Hugh Taylor Birch State Park